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Appendix: Obtaining Delila Files

Delila programs (the ones which create sequence logos) are available on Internet by anonymous ftp from ftp.ncifcrf.gov in the directory pub/delila. In the ftp directory, all files except README are compressed by the UNIX compress command. (So they end with a ``.Z''). Don't forget to use the binary transfer mode when you transport them.

The uncompress program can be obtained by anonymous ftp from ``uunet.uu.net'' in ``compress.tar'' There is also a ``help'' file there. For VAX VMS users, it may also be obtained from genbank.bio.net in directory pub/vms as the file ``lzdcmp.exe'' (Contact Dave Kristofferson, kristoff@genbank.bio.net for more information.)

The files are also available to people on BITNET from Dan Davison (davison@uh.edu) on ``gene-server%bchs.uh.edu@CUNYVM'' [17] (many thanks to Dan for this service).

For additional assistance contact Tom Schneider (toms@ncifcrf.gov). Future significant upgrades will be announced on the newsgroup bionet.info-theory [18]. If you do obtain any programs, please contact us with comments, so we may improve the archive for you.

This paper was originally published in [19].

Tom Schneider

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