Delila Program: ssbread

ssbread program

Documentation for the ssbread program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.27; (* of ssbread.p 1993 January 29}

(* begin module describe.ssbread *)
   ssbread: read a sample sheet from the ABI sequencer

   ssbread(ssb: in, report: out, output: out)

   ssb: A sample sheet from the ABI Sequencer
      Each sample must have plasmid and primer names in the
      sample name section.
   report:  reading of the identifying date, sample number, plasmid and primer
      names There are two parts to the report.  In the first, the program
      locates sections of the file by coordinate, and shows what it finds
      where.  In the second, it reads the data which tod will read (using the
      identical procedures.

   output: messages to the user

   The program allows one to test the reading modules for program tod.



see also

   Thomas Dana Schneider


technical notes

(* end module describe.ssbread *)
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