Delila Program: same

same program

Documentation for the same program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.12; (* of same.p 1985 apr 20}

(* begin module describe.same *)
      same: counts the number of lines that are identical in two files

      same(a: in, b: in, output: out)

      a: any file
      b: a file to be compared to file a
      output: messages to the user.

      same counts the number of lines that are identical in two files,
      a and b.  if the files are identical up to the end of one file,
      but the other file continues, same counts the identical lines and
      tell the user which file is shorter.   no lines are examined after
      the first line that differs between the two files.
         blanks at the ends of lines are ignored.

see also

      britta swebilius singer and thomas d. schneider

      none known

(* end module describe.same *)
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