Delila Program: loocat

loocat program

Documentation for the loocat program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 1.18; (* of loocat.p 2017 Jul 14}

(* begin module describe.loocat *)
      loocat: look at a catalogue

      loocat(cat: in, list: out, output: out)

      cat: a catalogue generated by the catal program
      list: a listing of the contents of cat
      output: messages to the user

      Loocat allows one to look at a catalogue that the librarian
      delila normally looks at.  These catalogues are files of a special
      type of record (called item) so that delila can read the information
      rapidly.  However this makes it difficult to see what the catalogue
      contains.  Loocat is useful for understanding or debugging catalogues.


see also
      catal.p, delila.p

      Gary Stormo and Thomas Schneider

      none known

(* end module describe.loocat *)
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