Electron microscope picture of the Lambda bacteriophage.
 On the left is an icosahedral head and extending to the
right is a ribbed tail that comes a point in the last 6
ribs. A man sits at a table holding a knife and fork and
staring puzzled and angrily at a plate that has a lambda
phage on it.

NIH Lambda Lunch Meetings

An NIH Special Interest Group.

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A reminder:  Lambda lunch will nominate Kim Orth, Rotem Sorek and Julie
Theriot for next year's WALs; if you have a favorite candidate who is
not in that group, please feel free to nominate on your own, indicating
support/interest from lambda lunch attendees.

11/30/17*: Sriram Subramanian "Cryo-EM of dynamic protein assemblies"

12/4/17: 2 PM, Bldg. 37, 6^th floor conference room.  Michael Laub
(MIT) "Molecular recognition and specificity in toxin-antitoxin
systems" (G. Storz)

12/6/17: 1:00 PM, Bldg. 37, 6^th floor conference room. Steve Lory
(HMS) "Role of small regulatory RNAs in controlling Pseudomonas
aeruginosa fitness and virulence" (S. Gottesman)

12/6/17: WALS, 3 PM, Masur Auditorium.  Michael Elowitz (Cal Tech).
"Cellular communication: how cells control who they're talking to and
what they're saying"

12/7/17*: Kathryn Ramsey (Boston Children's Hospital, S. Dove lab):
"Control of virulence and anti-virulence factors in Francisella

12/8/17: 12:00, Wilson Hall (Bldg. 1, 3^rd floor): Kumaran Ramamurthi
"Towards the assembly of a synthetic bacterial cell"

12/14/17*: Arkady Mustaev (PHRI, Rutgers)(Sankar Adhya)

1/10/18: WALS, 3 PM, Masur Auditorium: Eric Pamer (Memorial Sloan
Kettering Cancer Center) "Microbiota-mediated defense against
antibiotic-resistant infections".

1/11/18*: Jian Liu (NHLBI) "Brownian ratchet mechanism of
low-copy-number plasmid partition"

2/15/18*: Michal Hammel (Lawrence Berkeley Lab) (S. Adhya)

3/8/18*: Gary Dunny (U. Minnesota) (G. Storz)

3/15/18*: Isabelle Derré (U. Virginia) (M. Machner)

3/29/18*: Pamela Brown (U. Missouri) (K. Ramamurthi)

5/5/18*: Alexandra Deaconescu (Brown University) (S. Gottesman)

5/24/18*: Mark Goulian (U. Penn) (Eric Batchelor)

6/7/18*: ASM Meeting, no Lambda lunch planned

*Regular lambda lunch at 11:00 AM in Bldg 37, Rm 6107/6041. To schedule
seminars, contact [[1]mailto:Gottesms@helix.nih.gov ]Susan Gottesman or
Gisela Storz ([2]storzg@mail.nih.gov). To meet with an outside speaker,
contact the person whose name is in parentheses.  If you're at NIH you
can join the mailing list in either of the following ways.  (1) Send
the message "SUBSCRIBE LAMBDA_LUNCH-L 'your name'" from the computer
where you usually receive mail to
'your name' by your first and last names; or (2) go to
[5]http://list.nih.gov/, browse the lists to find Lambda_Lunch-L, and
follow the instructions.  If you're not at NIH, contact
[6]Gottesms@mail.nih.gov. Susan Gottesman. This schedule is also
available at [7]http://schneider.ncifcrf.gov/lambda.html.

        *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

      Bldg 37, Rm 5132                        Lab:  240-760-7843

                         37 Convent Drive, NIH

                          Bethesda, MD 20892

        *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. mailto:Gottesms@helix.nih.gov
2. mailto:storzg@mail.nih.gov
5. http://list.nih.gov/
6. mailto:susang@helix.nih.gov
7. http://schneider.ncifcrf.gov/lambda.html

Previous Lambda Lunch Meeting Schedules

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