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versave program

Documentation for the versave program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 1.12; (* of versave.p 2005 Jan 19}

(* begin module describe.versave *)
   versave: save the file under the version number

   versave(input: in, output: out)

   input: a text file, with a version constant in the form
       'version = ' followed by a real number.  The name of the
       file (including dot extensions) must be found after the word 'of '.
       For example:
version = 1.11; (@ of versave.p 1995 December 20 @)

       (where @ would be * in the actual program)

       Alternatively, the input line can be of the form:
version = '6.09 of module.p 95Dec20 tds';

       The program will handle either form.

   output: Four lines are produced:
       (name of text file found after the 'of')
       (the real number found after 'version = ')

   Generate commands for worcha on how to change a script for saving
   the file.  A script is then passed through worch to produce the
   executable commands.

   For an input file containing:
      version = 1.00; (@ of versave.p 1989 April 4
   The output is:
   This is to be placed in the worcha parameter file, worchap.

   An example script is:
      cp file old/file.version
      echo saved file in old/file.version

   Using worcha with the script would become:

      cp versave.p old/versave.p.1.00
      echo saved versave.p in old/versave.p.1.00

   When executed, this will save the text.

   thomas schneider

see also
   worcha.p, verbop.p, ver.p, code.p

   none known

(* end module describe.versave *)
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