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Below is information regarding NCI at Frederick closing due to inclement weather:

When early morning adverse weather conditions indicate the possible closure or delayed opening of NCI at Frederick, call the Fort Detrick Telenews (301-619-7611) or Toll Free # at 1-800-256-7621, press *8, then dial 37611#. Also, listen for information on your local radio/television stations.

Closing When Fort Detrick is closed, NCI at Frederick also is closed. When Fort Detrick has a delayed opening, NCI at Frederick also has a delayed opening. Remember: NCI at Frederick does not follow weather closing or delayed opening advisories for the NIH-Bethesda campus or Washington metropolitan area.

Early Dismissal If NCI at Frederick closes during working hours, supervisors will notify employees as to when they should leave. For early dismissal, NCI at Frederick operates independently of Fort Detrick; therefore, employees should not rely on the Fort Detrick Telenews or radio broadcasts.

The SIP application package states the following:
"6. During the school year, the normal school calendar will be in effect. Interns may be excused from their NCI at Frederick responsibilities on all days when the school system(s)is closed (including inclement weather), after consultation with their NCI at Frederick sponsor, and on federal and/or state holidays when the NCI at Frederick is closed (also including closure due to inclement weather). Participants must realize that their projects may require them to be at the NCI at Frederick on days that school is not in session."

We strongly suggest that non-Frederick County students not report for duty when Frederick County schools are closed as well as when Washington County schools are closed. This may suggest that Frederick County roads pose a hazardous condition.

Students should confer with their sponsors regarding their schedule on days when schools are closed.

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origin: 2003 Nov 24
updated: 2013 Mar 06
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