Werner H. Kirsten Student Intern Program
Students of 2001-2002

SIP 2001 students
The picture was taken at the SIP orientation, spring 2001 (not sure of the date).
by SAIC Frederick Publications Department Senior Photographer, Jon Summers. Posted with permission.

Number Student Email Mentor
1 Andrew Waddelow awaddelow@ncifcrf.gov Barbara K. Felber
3 Alexander Dube

6 Peter Montefusco

7 Matt Kuzemchak

8 Gina Cremona
Dimiter S. Dimitrov
9 Brandon K. Cunningham cunningb@ncifcrf.gov Ilya Lyakhov and Thomas D. Schneider
15 Anh Ngo

16 Colby Day
George Pavlakis
17 Caitlin R. McCrea mccreac@ncifcrf.gov formerly Bruce Shapiro
18 Yuki Kotani

19 Courtney DeLaquil

20 Jenni Tabler

21 Joanne Porter

23 Casey Kolb

24 Amy Fraciscovich

25 Susie Karolovich

Thanks to Drew Waddelow and Brandon Cunningham for many identifications.

I'll add to the table when full identification is available.

Schneider Lab

origin: 2001 Jul 18
updated: 2012 Mar 08

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