Molecular Information Theory: from Clinical Applications to Molecular Machine Efficiency

1999 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
Annual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition

Anaheim, California
21-26 January 1999

Topical lecture

Thomas D. Schneider,
National Cancer Institute,
National Institutes of Health
Frederick, MD
Saturday, January 23, 1999, 1:30pm-2:15pm

A tape recording of this talk is available from AVEN 10532 Greenwood Avenue Seattle, WA 98133 Phone: 206.440.7989 Fax: 206.440.7990 AS929 Molecular Information Theory: From Clinical Applications to Molecular Machine Efficiency $9.50, 1 cassette(s) , Speaker(s): (Thomas D. Schneider)

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