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Shannon uncertainty equation: H equals the negative sum
from i equals 1 to M of P sub i log 2 p sub i bits per
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Molecular Information Theory

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of P over N plus 1 bits per second.
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Dr. Thomas D. Schneider
National Institutes of Health
Center for Cancer Research
Gene Regulation and Chromosome Biology Laboratory
Molecular Information Theory Group
Frederick, MD, USA
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At various times I have positions available.

All Positions are currently closed.
If you decide to write anyway, say something about what I do and why you would want to work here. Otherwise I will ignore your email as spam.

I look for people who are enthusiastic, energetic and self-driven go-getters.

When contacting me, please indicate which of our papers you have read.

Note: So that I am able to read and and permanently store your CV and other documents:

  1. Please make initial contact by email.
  2. Please send all materials as plain ASCII text or PDF.
    • Set your mailer and test it to avoid sending specialized character sets.
    • Word processor documents will not be accepted
  3. Do not use lines longer than 80 characters.
  4. Avoid attachments.
  5. You may point to the URL of an html or PDF CV on the web.
Please note carefully : official applications go through the governmnent system. Anything you send me helps me to make a decision, but is not part of the official application.

Thanks for your interest in my lab.

Tom Schneider

NCI Fellowship Handbook Web site

This site contains information for incoming and prospective fellows, and anyone who might like to know more about training at NCI. Sorry, this link is currently only for people at NIH.

If you are interested in my work, you may also be interested in:

  • The National Cancer Institute is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer that values and fosters diversity throughout the entire organization.
  • NIH provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities.
  • If you served on active duty in the United States Military and were separated under honorable conditions, you may be eligible for veterans' preference.
  • Special selection priority consideration will be given to candidates eligible under the CTAP and ICTAP placement programs.
Further details on these topics are on the official web pages of

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Schneider Lab

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updated: 2014 May 09
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