An Analysis of Stephen C. Meyer's book Signature in the Cell

Thomas Schneider

Signature in the Cell is a book published in 2010 by Stephen C. Meyer. On page 283 to 286 he evaluates the Ev program. This is a review of that section of the book.

The book is available several ways:

The original scientific paper by Thomas Schneider that describes Ev is available through the page "Evolution of Biological Information".
You can try the Evj program yourself!
There is a Tutorial guide for running Ev.

Below is my point-by-point critique of Meyer's discussion of the Ev program.
Note: the quotes here are for the purpose of commentary, criticism and scholarly reports and so fall under the fair use doctrine.

Apparently Meyer did not read the EV paper carefully enough to understand exactly what it is doing.

I had a student once who understood every step of the Ev algorithm but could not grasp the entire process.

Thanks to Paul Anagnostopoulos for bringing these passages in Signature in the Cell to my attention.

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origin: 2013 Nov 08
updated: 2013 Nov 09
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