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Lambda lunch update, 7/21/98

7/21/98, 12:00 PM:  NIAMS-LPB Seminar.  Bacterial Sensing of
Sweet and Sour:  Chemotactic Signaling in E Coli Probed by Caged
Aminoacids.  Speaker:  Dr Ravi Jasuja, Albert Einstein Coll of
Med. Bg 6, Rm 407.  (Info:  301-496-5097).

#7/23/98:  Agniesz Szalewska-Palasz (Regulation of lambda DNA
replication by transcriptional activation of ori-lambda)

#7/30/98:  Yoshihiro (Pat) Nakatani (Transcriptional regulation
via acetylation of histone)


#8/13/98:  Eugene Koonin (Comparison of complete genomes and
evolutionary scenarios)

#8/20/98:  Rachel Green (The role played by 23S rRNA in
ribosome-catalyzed peptidyl transferase)

#Regular lambda lunch at 11 AM in Bldg 36, Rm 1B13.

     To schedule seminars, contact Susan Gottesman
( or Bob Weisberg (

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the computer where you usually receive mail to
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