Electron microscope picture of the Lambda bacteriophage.
 On the left is an icosahedral head and extending to the
right is a ribbed tail that comes a point in the last 6
ribs. A man sits at a table holding a knife and fork and
staring puzzled and angrily at a plate that has a lambda
phage on it.

NIH Lambda Lunch Meetings

An NIH Special Interest Group.

From: "Gottesman, Susan (NCI)" 
Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2011 09:51:14 -0400
Subject: Lambda lunch update


  Bob- We miss you!

We are still in the process of arranging a memorial event at the NIH.  Please send ideas to Susan or Sankar.

Bob's family suggests donations to NPR/WAMU (http://wamu.org/support/donate)
as Bob's favorite charity.  I'll provide more information as I get it.  No funeral is planned.


9/7/11, WALS, Masur, 3:00 PM:  Carlos Bustamante "Grabbing the Cat by the Tail: Discrete Steps by a DNA Packaging Motor and the Inter-Subunit Coordination in a Ring-ATPase" (Kiyoshi Mizuuchi)
9/8/11*: Szabolcs Semsey (Sankar Adhya)

9/13/11, 11:00 AM, Bldg. 50, Rm.  1227/1233: Alfonso Mondragon (Northwestern Univ) "Structure and mechanism of RNase P, a universal ribozyme" (Keir Neuman; neumankc@nhlbi.nih.gov)

9/15/11*:  Bruno Lima (Loyola U./Alan Wolfe's lab) "RNA polymerase acetylation and transcription regulation" (Kimberly Decker)

9/22/11*:  Rachel Green (Hopkins) (Gigi Storz)

9/29/11*:  Masaya Fujita (U. Houston) (P. Eswaramoorthy/K. Ramamurthi)

3/1/12: WALs (on Thursday), 3:00 PM Masur: Jo Handelsman, Yale University (S. Gottesman)

*Regular lambda lunch at 11:00 AM in Bldg 37, Rm 6107/6041. To schedule seminars, contact Susan Gottesman. To meet with an outside speaker, contact the person whose name is in parentheses.
If you're at NIH you can join the mailing list in either of the following ways.  (1) Send the message "SUBSCRIBE LAMBDA_LUNCH-L 'your name'" from the computer where you usually receive mail to LISTSERV@LIST.NIH.GOV. Replace 'your name' by your first and last names; or (2) go to http://list.nih.gov/, browse the lists to find Lambda_Lunch-L, and follow the instructions.  If you're not at NIH, contact mailto:susang@helix.nih.gov. Susan Gottesman. This schedule is also available at  http://www.lecb.ncifcrf.gov//lambda.html.

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Bldg 37, Rm 5132
Lab:  301-496-3524
37 Convent Drive, NIH
Bethesda, MD 20892
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