Electron microscope picture of the Lambda bacteriophage.
 On the left is an icosahedral head and extending to the
right is a ribbed tail that comes a point in the last 6

NIH Lambda Lunch Meetings

An NIH Special Interest Group.

From: "Gottesman, Susan (NCI)" 
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2009 09:36:46 -0500
Subject: Lambda lunch update

Lambda lunch update, 11/27/09:

12/3/09*:  Kyung Moon (Gottesman lab) "A PhoP/Q regulated small RNA and its targets"

12/10/09*:  Elizabeth Fozo (Storz lab) "Small toxic proteins and the antisense RNAs that repress them"

12/16/09, 37/6041, 2-4 PM: EcoCyc tutorial by Peter Karp. The tutorial will include a basic introduction, advanced querying, use of the genome browser, and omics data analysis.

12/17/09, 10 AM (Note time change):  Matt Humbard (Maurizi lab) "Post-translational modification and the proteasome system of the haloarchaeon Haloferax volcanii"

1/7/10*:  NO MEETING (NCI retreat)

1/14/10*:  Vincent Lee (U MD College Park) "c-di-GMP regulation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa"
 (Kumaran Ramamurthi)

1/20/10, 12:15 PM, 37/5111:  Cari Vanderpool "Filling in the blanks in 'glucose-phosphate' stress physiology in E. coli"

1/21/10*:  Tom Dever "Hypusine-containing protein eIF5A promotes translation elongation"

2/11/10*:  Wayne Outten (Gigi Storz)

2/18/10*:  Sunney Xie (Sankar Adhya)

3/11/10*:  Dave Popham (Virginia Tech)(Kumaran Ramamurthi)

4/15/10*:  Joerg Vogel (Susan Gottesman)

4/21/10:  Ron Breaker: WALS

4/22/10*:  Ron Breaker (Susan Gottesman)

5/6/10*:  Joel Belasco (NYU)(Gigi Storz)

6/3/10*:  Thomas Bernhardt (Harvard Med) (Errett Hobbs)

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