Electron microscope picture of the Lambda bacteriophage.
 On the left is an icosahedral head and extending to the
right is a ribbed tail that comes a point in the last 6

NIH Lambda Lunch Meetings

An NIH Special Interest Group.

Date:         Tue, 19 Jul 2005 13:00:00 -0400
From: Robert Weisberg 
Subject: Lambda lunch update

Lambda Lunch Update, 7/19/05:

7/21/05*:  Amar Klar "Fission yeast paradigm used to explain genetics of
human hand-use preference, brain laterality, schizophrenia and bipolar traits"

7/21/05:  12:00 pm, Building 5, 127:  "Bacillus Subtilis RecU
Holliday-junction Resolvase Modulates RecA Activities" Juan C. Alonso,
Centro Nacional de Biotecnologia Departamento de Biotecnologia Microbiana

7/28/05*:  Ishita Shah:  "Characterization of the Escherichia coli
transcription activator SoxS : protein-protein interactions with RNA
polymerase and regulation of its proteolysis"

7/29/05, 2:30 PM, Bldg 5, Rm 127:  David Sherratt "Linking bacterial
chromosome replication, segregation and organization"

7/29/05: 4 pm (note changed time), Building 37/Room 5111:  Kenn
Gerdes  (University of Southern Denmark) "Antisense RNA- and
Antitoxin-Regulated Toxin Genes of E. coli"

9/8/05*:  Jeanne DiChiara (U. Ill)  "The excision mechanism of CTnDOT."

9/15/05*:  Szabolcs Semsey

9/22/05*:  Wai-Leung Ng (Indiana U)

10/11/05:  David Hopwood

*Regular lambda lunch at 11:00 AM in Bldg 37, Rm 6107/6041. To schedule
seminars, contact Susan Gottesman (susang@helix.nih.gov) or Bob
Weisberg (rweisberg@nih.gov). To meet with an outside speaker,
contact the person whose name is in parentheses.

You can join the mailing list in the following ways.  If you're at NIH,
send the following message from the computer where you usually receive mail
Replace "your name" by your first and last names; or go to
http://list.nih.gov/, browse the lists to find Lambda_Lunch-L, and follow
the instructions to join.  If you're not at NIH, contact
Bob Weisberg. This schedule is also available
at http://schneider.ncifcrf.gov/lambda.html.

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