Electron microscope picture of the Lambda bacteriophage.
 On the left is an icosahedral head and extending to the
right is a ribbed tail that comes a point in the last 6

NIH Lambda Lunch Meetings

An NIH Special Interest Group.

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Lambda Lunch update, 5/1/01

5/3/01*:  Rodney King "Mutants of RNA polymerase that affect
termination and antitermination"

5/3/01:  12:00 pm 'Crystal structure of DNA mismatch repair protein
MutS in complex with a G:T mismatch: an alternating ATPase?', Building
10 (Clinical Center), 9S235, Titia Sixma, Info: 301 496-0306

5/4/01: 11:00 am Multidrug resistance in Lactococcus lactis, a dutch
treat, Building 37, 6th Floor Conference Room, Dr Wil N. Konings, Info:

5/8/01:  2:00 pm Transcription Elongation and DNA Recombination, NCI at
Frederick, Building 549, Auditorium, Info: 301 846-5865.
Andres Aguilera from the Universidad de Sevilla is the speaker for the
Transcription Elongation and DNA Recombination talk.
He is giving the same talk on the Bethesda campus in the Bunim
Room (Building 10 Rm 9S235) on Monday the 7th at noon.  Info: X62710.

5/10/01*:  Kiyoshi Mizuuchi & Eric Greene:  MuB transposition immunity
& new developments in fluorescence microscopy.

5/11/01, 2 PM, Bldg 6B Rm 429:  Matt Waldor "Functional genomic
analysis of a novel antibiotic resistance gene transfer system"

5/17/01*:  Bill Burkholder "Regulation of development by replication
initiation factors and DNA damage in Bacillus subtilis"

5/18/01, 2 PM, Bldg 6B Rm 429:  Gianni Deh˛ "Immunity of phage-plasmid
P4:  transcription termination and RNA processing"

6/13/01:  Etana Padan, WALS Lecture (co-hosted by Lambda Lunch and the
Structural Biology Interest Group)

6/14/01*:  Etana Padan

*Regular lambda lunch at 11 AM in Bldg 36, Rm 1B13.

To schedule seminars, contact Susan Gottesman (susang@helix.nih.gov) or
Bob Weisberg (rweisberg@nih.gov).

There are two ways to join the mailing list if you're at NIH.  (If
you're not at NIH, contact rweisberg@nih.gov to join.)  (1) Send the
following message from the computer where you usually receive mail to
"your name" by your first and last names.  (2) Go to
http://list.nih.gov/.  Browse the lists to find Lambda_Lunch-L.  Follow
the instructions to join.

This schedule is also available at

To send a message to Lambda Lunchers, address it to:
LAMBDA_LUNCH-L@LIST.NIH.GOV.  (Please use this facility sparingly.)

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308                         Lab:  301-496-3555 6 Center Drive,
NIH                      Fax:         -0243 Bethesda, MD
20892-2785               Office:         -4448 E-mail:
rweisberg@nih.gov *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Previous Meeting Schedules:
(The dates are when the schedule was stored, not when it was announced.)

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