Delila Program: htmlink

htmlink program

Documentation for the htmlink program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{   version = 1.62; (* of htmlink.p 2016 Oct 15}

(* begin module describe.htmlink *)

   htmlink: insert html links to program references in a file


   htmlink(input: in, htmlinkp: in, list: out, output: out)


   input:  a delila module or other file containing references
      to programs in the form *.p and references to other files between
      the key words "see also" and "author".

      Comments: the material contained within curlie brackets, "{" and "}",
      will not be processed into hyper links.  To create one of these
      characters, put a backslash "\" in front of it.

      The key words "see also" and "author" MUST be at the beginning of the
      line.  This allows one to say "see also" in the middle of other
      descriptions.  This is not a harsh restriction, since everything is
      indented as a standard anyway!

   htmlinkp:  A parameter file that defines:

      first line:  the ARCHIVE directory where files other
         than programs should be linked to.
      second line: the MANUAL directory where programs are linked to.
      third line:  font size for the output.

   list: a list of the files being linked to.

   output: the same file with the *.p converted to references to *.html, and
      the other references converted to hypertext links to
      ARCHIVE/reference.  To prevent weird links from being made, this only
      occurs between the lines 'see also' and 'author', when these key words
      are at the start of the line.

      Names that begin with http:// or https:// are presented as
      straight html links.

      names that begin with ftp:// are presented as straight html


   This program allows one to convert the Delila manual pages to hypertext
   linked objects.

   The program copies the input to the output, and only modifies the region
   between key words 'see also' and 'author' when these are left justified on
   the line.  This defines the standard place that Delila documentation
   points to other files.

   Pascal programs ending in ".p" are made into the form:

   [A HREF ="MANUAL/doodle.html"]doodle.p[/A]

   (where the program is 'doodle.p and I have replaced "less than" with "["
   and "greater than" with "]" to prevent the browser from interpreting
   this as a link.) so that they will point to other programs
   in the same directory, while other files are made into the form:
   MANUAL is a string read in from the htmlinkp parameter file.

   [A HREF ="ARCHIVE/xyplop"]xyplop[/A]

   where ARCHIVE is a string read in from the htmlinkp parameter file and the
   file is "xyplop".

   Alt tags are added to the images constructed from the image name.

   The program is used by the shell script "dth" (delila to html).


   Below is the material in the "see also" section.  After processing, you
   will see that the text looks the same except that things outside the
   curlie braces are hyperlinked.

{\{ left curlie}
{ \{ left curlie}
{ { left curlie}
{\} right curlie}
{ \} right curlie}
{ \} right curlie}
{ \ escape}
{ \\ escape}
{ \\\ escape}

   {Some programs that use this processing:}

   {A general http hyperlink is demonstrated by google at:}

   {A general https hyperlink is demonstrated by my home page which is at:}

   {The mechanism even allows images!}

   {The script for running the Gnu Pascal Compiler:}
   {(The GNU Pascal Compiler is at}{)}


see also

   Example parameter file: htmlinkp

   A program that extracts the manual page of Delila programs: makman.p

   A general script for storing Delila programs in an archive: dth

   Here is the processing of the examples above.
{ left curlie
 { left curlie
  left curlie
} right curlie
 } right curlie
 } right curlie
 \ escape
 \\ escape

   Some programs that use this processing:

   A general http hyperlink is demonstrated by google at:

   A general https hyperlink is demonstrated by my home page which is at:

   The mechanism even allows images!
   image for tinygumball

   The script for running the Gnu Pascal Compiler:
   (The GNU Pascal Compiler is at

   Thomas Dana Schneider


   The triggers "see also" and "author" and their positions on the
   line should be generalized to allow the program to process any
   text.  This would not be hard since it would only require new
   parameters being read in.

   The 'see also' needs a stable example of an ftp link.

technical notes

  Note:  this program surrounds the file with [PRE] and [/PRE].

(* end module describe.htmlink *)
{This manual page was created by makman 1.45}

{created by htmlink 1.62}
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