Delila Program: fileposition

fileposition program

Documentation for the fileposition program is below, with links to related programs in the "see also" section.

{version = 1.04; (* of fileposition.p 1996 March 24}

(* begin module describe.fileposition *)
   fileposition: report the line that has a given file position

   fileposition(input: in, fin: in, output: out)

   input:  a number, n, in characters and
           the number of characters before that point, the "prebuffer"
   fin:    a file
   output: the line in fin contining the n't character, with "prebuffer"
      characters printed before it.  This prebuffer allows one to see
      the context of the line.

   Ghostview reports locations of problems in characters.  In one case it
   objected to a stackoverflow in roll, but there is no roll in the code, so it
   would be nice to know the line number so I can get to it!



see also

   Thomas Dana Schneider


technical notes

(* end module describe.fileposition *)
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