Dr. Thomas D. Schneider
National Cancer Institute


Thomas D. Schneider is a tenured Research Biologist at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland. He graduated from MIT in biology (1978) and received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado in molecular biology (1986). His primary work is analyzing the binding sites of proteins on DNA and RNA in bits of information. However, the theory goes beyond this to characterize how molecules interact and their states. Once these properties are understood, we have an engineering concept of how the molecules make specific choices in the presense of the ubiquitous thermal noise. Turning this around, we can design the molecules to perform useful functions. This is, of course, known as nanotechnology. Thus the lab has a number of pure experimental research projects on a variety of molecular systems, including bacteriophage lambda, bacteriophage T7, and cancer related p53 biology. We also have nanotechnology projects on molecular computers (patented), a molecular rotation engine (patent pending) and DNA sequencing (patented). For further information, see http://schneider.ncifcrf.gov/ or equivalently tinyurl.com/9tbph.

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